My name is Emily Koltai and I am an NDIS participant, I am 22 years old and I have just recently finished my Bachelor of Communications, majoring in Social and Digital media, at UTS. While I was at Uni I also worked for the Sydney film festival for the past 2 years working on their social media.

From studying and working for the Sydney Film Festival, I have learnt a few things of what to do and not to do when it comes to creating social media posts. 

I have written this article to help people with social media who are in the NDIS space, when it comes to creating content for their facebook pages and Instagram accounts. I have put together a list of things that would be good to use in a post and things that you shouldn’t do in a post.

The Do's

  • Short punchy captions

  • Engaging and inviting content e.g. videos, gifs

  • Use emotive language 

  • Do funny and humorous captions

  • Do heart-warming and inspirational content

The Don'ts

  • No long wordy captions

  • No long articles that you would have to read for a long period

  • Not too frequent heavy and serious content 

Here are some examples for what to do in a post: 

Example 1

"What an amazing idea"! A group of people with disabilities came together to create a hip hop music video using communication devices. Take a look at this video.

 Example 2

“Love is in the air…. How gorgeous is this <3” Take a look at this story about a young couple who have a special night at the Debutante Ball for disability.

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